Revitalizing The Fashion Industry
The Joy Kingston Foundation is dedicated to helping aspiring designers to have the opportunity to bring their vision to the world.


Connecting Life to Style
The Joy Kingston Foundation wants to keep style alive. Donate to the Joy Kingston Foundation so we can keep the design industry fresh and preserve the style that inspires.


Inspire Fresh Talent
The Joy Kingston Foundation is here to promote and encourage up and coming talent in the design industry.


Encourage Design
The Joy Kingston Foundation supports all aspects of the design and fashion industry. From Interior Design, Industrial Design to Fashion and Clothing Design. We want the world we live in to be beautiful.


Move Forward In Your Career
Apply for our scholarship to get the break you need to get your design career going. The Joy Kingston Foundation is here to help launch your design career into motion.


Joy Kingston Foundation

The Joy Kingston Foundation helps talented young men and women blaze the trail of design by providing them with the inspiration and assistance to achieve their goals in the Fine Arts. The Foundation’s mission is to provide scholarship opportunities to promising individuals who wish to pursue careers within the design industry. The Foundation scholarships are intended to promote and foster the elements of the Fine Arts encompassed by and utilized within the design profession.

Joy Kingston was passionate about design in all forms. As a fashion designer, every element of her life involved her quest for fine design. Whether it was fashion design, interior design, or even products she purchased such as jewelry or automobiles, Joy could articulate her keen sense of style and imprint it upon everything she touched.

It is with this intent that the Joy Kingston Foundation was created. The Foundation will perpetuate Joy's legacy in fine design. Our goal is to assist in cultivating the next generation of designers in reaching their full potential within the career paths of design.

Mission Statement

The Joy Kingston Foundation is an organization that will help young men and women blaze the trail of design. It is the Foundation's goal to inspire and assist talented young people to achieve their goals in the Fine Arts. The mission of the Joy Kingston Foundation is to provide an opportunity for arts education and scholarship to individuals in the pursuit of careers within the design industry. The Foundation scholarships and Joy Kingston's fashion and design legacy are intended to promote and foster the elements of the fine arts encompassed and utilized within the design profession.

Foundation Activities
Joy Kingston Foundation Donates to Pastor Davis

On behalf of the Pastor Davis Scholarship Fund, and its student beneficiaries across the state of Utah, please accept our great thanks for your generous gift of $5,000 from the Joy Kingston Foundation. We recognize that this gift is to be awarded as a scholarship to a student who is interested in majoring in one of the design fields. As you know, the needs are great within this community and your gift will be used to provide scholarships to deserving students with financial need and academic merit.

We will solicit applications based on your criteria and award the scholarship for the 2012-13 school year. Again, thank you for your generosity and support.

- Kathleen Christy, Administrator
Pastor France A. Davis Scholarship Fund

Art is 100: Portrait of Natacha Rambova

To kick off the year-long Art is 100 celebration, we've chosen to feature first on our Highlights Wall a painting that many visitors list among their favorite works—even without knowing its interesting backstory. The Portrait of Natacha Rambova was presented in 1949 by her mother, Mrs. Richard A. (Winnifred Kimball) Hudnut, as part of the donation that helped create the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. When Rambova learned that this portrait would be on display for the UMFA's 1951 opening, she immediately wrote to the museum director, asking that her name not be attached to the work. Rambova, who would donate her Egyptian collection to the Museum in 1952, cited concerns that supporting the fledgling Museum would conflict with her funding from the Bollingen Foundation, which was financing her work studying Ramses Vl's tomb art. [Read More..]

Joy Kingston Foundation Scholarship Fund given to the Art Center College of Design Arts

April 18,2013 Art Center College of Design chairman. Stewart Reed recieved a check for a transportation design scholarship from the Joy Kingston Foundation Chairman Paul Matthew Layne.